The Kalahari bench is representative of a bench in its most essential form. A softer, lighter and elegant treatment to this otherwise very basic bench has been successfully achieved by the designers, Claesson Koivisto Rune. This has been done primarily through skilful proportioning and careful application of curves to the overall design. Despite its light appearance however, the Kalahari bench remains true to its sturdy roots.
The Kalahari bench is available in various sizes to suit different environments and uses. It can work as a bench, a display platform, or as part of a living room system. The bench also has optional bench top cabinets that have the Kalahari herringbone pattern applied on the doors or drawer fronts. A leather hand stitched pad can be added for extra confort when used as a seat. An additional interesting feature is the round, end wood grain shape of the leg that is visible on the bench top.
The Kalahari bench ships flat as the legs are removable.