Milan design Week 2016

During design week 2016, we are pleased to present two new pieces-
A table dubbed _ Sesana. A basic table that reflects the simple, often improvised approach to making in Botswana. The table is constructed using wood which would normally be put aside due to what is often considered to be aesthetic defects.

A texture that accentuates, or in some sense, neutralizes the natural blemishes on the wood surface, through free hand grooving, is applied to the legs as well as to the edge of the table top. This visually rough texture, juxtaposed with the finely finished top surface and soft rounded edge on the long sides of the top, creates a simple and interesting piece that manages to straddle between being the most mundane of tables to being an art piece.

Also presented is a study desk named – Saddle Bag, or Sale (pronounced Sa-ale). With its curved edges and side suspended drawers, the table is basic with a slightly humorous, visual reference to a saddle bag. Made from sustainable and certified Panga Panga wood, expertly crafted, subtle, linear grooves have been applied to the drawers and legs by our craftsmen and women. The last item on the list is our newly found wood species. Sourced from an ethical wood project in Southern Africa, we are happy to start offering our products in the lighter (both in colour and density) and more affordable Rubberwood. This wood allows us to continue to make beautiful products in a considered way, with the added benefit of a lower price point. During Design week, we are showing this material through some of our small objects as we now have it available as an option on most of our products.