AfricaAfrica Exhibition, Milan March 2018

AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African design and photography, exhibition at Palazzo Litta Culture in Milan from March the 15th to April the 2nd 2018.
Curated by MoscaPartners and MIA Photo Fair, twenty-two creatives, through forty design products of the last two years (2016-2017) and fifty-five photographic works express their unprecedented point of view, giving back the image of a dynamic, innovative and vital reality.

AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African design and photography is an exhibition that breaks with the stereotypes, with the obsolete imaginary of the needy and helpless continent, and offers a current analysis of society, a vision for the future, an awareness to be taken into consideration that represents a moment of reflection and a source of inspiration for the whole world.

The first meeting – on March 15th – will focus on contemporary creativity in Africa, with the participation of some exhibited artists, such as Cara/Davide, Conrad Hicks, Jean Servais Somian, Peter Mabeo and the photographers Siwa Mgoboza e Joana Choumali.


Siwa Mgoboza, “Serpetina Jonza” from “Les Êtres D’Africadia I”
Birsel+Seck, “Taboo”
Andile Buka, “Sartist Sport”