Over the counter Design Gallery (Beirut, Lebanon)

Over the Counter Gallery is a space that hosts a range of design products, from lighting and furniture, to decorative items and kitchen accessories. The 500 sqm 3-level store features a mélange of design schools from the 400-year old Dutch Royal Tichelaar Makkum, to classical Danish designs, to the more contemporary works of Vancouver-based Molo design studio and the avant-garde approach of the British design and manufacturing company Established & Sons. Today the collection is getting stronger and includes beautiful Eileen Grey and Sergio Rodriguez re-editions, limited editions and original designer pieces.

Taking part in activities in an important design space, in this part of the world was an exciting prospect. It was a reminder of how design permeates cultures and was a first for Mabeo in the Middle East.

A limited edition of 30 Naledi tables was provided by Mabeo to this impeccable design gallery, for its local audience.