Ipe Bench And Stool

Luca Nichetto 2010

Ipe consciously calls back to an object that has earned a place in the history of great design: Enzo Mari’s Putrella, or “Beam”. The origins of Mari’s project lie in its eponymous architectural element, whose form Putrella then transformed into something with a new function; in a similar manner, Ipe morphs a different kind of beam into a stool and a bench.

Nichetto’s idea of working with the shape of a slightly curved beam was solidified by a trip he took to Japan, where beams like this are used in the portals of ancient temples. De-contextualizing the concepts of Mari’s Putrella and the Japanese curved lintel, Nichetto reworks these to create a new stool archetype that is hand-made.

Like a valuable gem displayed in a setting, some of Ipe’s surface has been cut away in order to spotlight the preciousness of its material. The Ipe is available as a stool or as a bench. These can stand alone, or they can be arranged in a linear series, creating an interesting wave like pattern. It is hand made by Mabeo craftsmen and women in sustainable hardwoods in Botswana.