Mabeo New Products 2014

The newest products developed for the Mabeo collection 2014 not only extend our series of core items but also expand into new product sectors.
The range of new items include :

A series of vibrant stools and a table, beautiful in form and construction, with hand carvings and dynamic color accents by Patricia Urquiola; A three legged stool with wooden legs and a floating leather seat, basic in approach, yet detailed in execution, with carefully applied hand stitching on thick leather, by Claesson Koivisto Rune; A shelving system, impeccable in linear proportioning, with hand applied linear carvings by Luca Nichetto; A series of expertly executed accessories with hand applied textures and colors, as well a range of tribal blankets by Garth Roberts; Lounge chair and dining chair derivatives of the fabled Maun Windsor chair, by Patty Johnson.

We are pleased to continue our development on the Mabeo philosophy with our design, retail and contract partners. We have been well received by all and will carry on in our efforts in bringing diverse cultures together through the basic elements of design and craftsmanship.