Gaborone International Design Conference (GIDEC 2013)

Peter Mabeo is one of the keynote speakers at the first design conference in Botswana: The Gaborone International Design Conference, hosted by the University of Botswana.

This is a very welcome initiative at Mabeo. During the presentation, Peter Mabeo discusses the importance of using design as an effective tool for development and for bridging the income divide in both rural and urban Africa, through inclusive development; cultural relevance; and contributing to social harmony through creation of simple, beautiful and functional everyday objects.

An excerpt from the GIDEC information pack reads as follows_ Design in developing countries and in new emerging economies especially in Africa is yet not recognized as a driving force for developing alternative socio-economic opportunities. There are few universities and institutions of higher learning that offer design related courses in Africa. What could be some of the contributing factors to this scenario if design has the potential to change the society’s lives? Therefore, the goal of the Gaborone International Design Conference (GIDEC) 2013 is to lay the groundwork to build a scholarly community and advance the state of the art in design, research, theory, and practice, and produce a significant contribution to the field through the paper presentations, discussions and conference proceedings.